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 3Y5X - Bouvet Island

One of the most wanted DXCC entities.

The loop is made from 2x10mm aluminum. Dimensions of loop are 35x104cm. Gain is 3dBd and the VSWR bandwidth 3:1 is from 139 - 151 MHz. For the 144 - 146 MHz section the VSWR is nearly 1:1. The impedance of the loop is adjusted by changing the 1/6 wave length section. Most useful for adjustment are "binder clips", as shown on picture. Polarization is horizontal for the antenna in the vertical position w = 35cm H = 104cm S = 23cm (vary this for impedance).


Latest QSL

phoca thumb l t31eu

T31EU - Central Kiribati

DXCC Standings - ARRL


VERON Section Wageningen

Operator at PA6A


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